Katiuska is a GUI to the ffmpeg2theora encoder, a tool that allows you to encode from mostly any video format to theora which is a free video codec developped by the xiph foundation.

Get the source: katiuska-0.1.1.tar.bz2

To compile the source on your system you will need Qt4 installed in /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.0.1/ which is the default when you compiles it yourself. If it's else where the compilation might fail so you will need to re-run qmake (from your Qt4 install of course), I hope this is not too confusing. I'll try to make it simpler in the future when I get kdevelop with Qt4 support. I kinda feel lazy for now to learn all the ins and outs of qmake and Co. Sorry again :). Still, a binary is at your disposition here, it was compiled on kubuntu.

Get the binary: katiuska-0.1.1-bin.tar.bz2

- windows port, I should be able to do that as soon as I get my hands on a windows box
- MacOS port, I won't be able to do it as I have no access to any MacOS machine, maybe with the x86 version though
- providing encoding using mplayer+encoder_example. That method needs the mkfifo command to encode on the fly on nix, I have no idea how to do this on windows and macos)
- DVD ripping (i will use mplayer for this, same mkfifo issue for windows and macos)
- provide a grafical interface to cropping and resizing(should be doable with an mplayer capture and then playing with the image using Qt4 tools)
- more complete translations (anybody can help on that one, just need linguist installed, which comes with a qt4 install)
- more ideas that I forgot for now :)

contact me if you feel like helping at patcito@gmail.com Screenshots: